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How can I undo changes made by Uniblue programs?

Uniblue programs allow you to undo all the changes that were made in order to restore your computer's settings.

To undo the changes made by Powersuite, open Powersuite and click on the Settings tab. From the left-hand-side menu choose 'Undo'. In the Undo section select the optimizations you wish to revert from the 'Select optimization type to undo' dropdown menu. For more details and graphical instructions please click here.

To undo any changes you made while using SpeedUpMyPC, open SpeedUpMyPC and click on the Gear wheel icon in the top right area. From the  menu on the left choose ‘Undo changes’. Here you can restore registry changes from the ‘Windows® Registry Errors’ section, revert Speed issues and re-enable applications from the ‘PC Startup Optimizer’ section.  Live Speed Tools can be enabled or disabled from the Scan results section.

For RegistryCleanerKit, to restore your registry, open the RegistryCleanerKit program and go to the 'Manage' tab. Select the ‘Undo changes’ section from the left side. Select the earliest restore point accordingly from the list, and click on the 'Restore registry' button.Then restart your computer. This will restore any changes done to your system by RegistryCleanerKit.

For DriverScanner, open the DriverScanner program, click on the 'Manage' tab and go to the Restore subsection. To restore after encountering a problem, it's best to restore the latest restore point that was created

For MaxiDisk, open the MaxiDisk, click on the 'Manage' tab and go to the Uncompress subsection. Compressed files are the only thing that can be reverted in MaxiDisk. To uncompress a file, select the file from the list and press the 'Uncompress' button.

For RegistryBooster, to restore your registry, open the RegistryBooster program and go to the 'Restore' tab. Select the earliest restore point accordingly, and click on the 'Restore' button. Then restart your computer.

For SystemTweaker, open the SystemTweaker program, click on the 'Tweaks' tab and click on the 'Restore to Windows Default' button at the bottom of the window. 


You can also use Windows System Restore to restore your computer's configuration to the state it was in before installing our products.

This can be done by navigating through the Start menu to ‘All Programs', 'Accessories', 'System Tools' and then clicking on 'System Restore'. From the window that comes up, choose the option to restore to a previous restore point, click next and then choose a date before our software was installed.

Please note that  any changes made to your computer after the restore point was created would be lost.

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