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What is SpeedUpMyPC?

SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify any Unused processes, files and settings that are slowing you down or using up your computer's resources unnecessarily, before executing a powerful range of features to optimize your Windows system for a faster performance. It disables unnecessary services and processes, and enhances the resource management of the Windows operating system by means of our powerful Speed tools. These features are combined in SpeedUpMyPC to get more performance from the computer's CPU, memory and disk drives, as well as from the operating system itself. 

SpeedUpMyPC also includes important features for the optimisation of the Windows® registry, whereby the Windows® registry is scanned for Invalid registry entries or defragmented to improve the overall performance of your system. The registry contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, applications, users and preferences of the PC. When programs are uninstalled, files are deleted, or paths are modified, the location of these files are changed but in most cases the registry entries are not removed or updated. In this regard SpeedUpMyPC fixes these paths to point to the valid locations of these files or applications, or else remove these invalid entries. Therefore the registry is cleaned, making your computer faster and more reliable.

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