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How do the system tweaks, unused processes and registry errors affect my performance?

System Tweaks are optimizations to your system configuration. Although there are many different types of System Tweaks, they are grouped under three categories:

  • System resource tweaks adjust settings to improve resource allocation.
  • Boot-up and shutdown tweaks optimize the start-up and shutdown routines.
  • Visual effects tweaks optimize Windows visual effects to enhance speed.

SpeedUpMyPC is able to identify the processes and services that the operating system runs in the background. If any of these processes and services are unnecessary, SpeedUpMyPC will deactivate them to free up system resources.

The registry is a repository of important hardware and software instructions that your computer needs to access continuously. With use, particularly through software removal and changes in settings and hardware, useless registry entries start to accumulate. This can result in a loss of system efficiency. SpeedUpMyPC cleans these registry errors to optimize speed.

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