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How do the 'Live Speed tool’ features in Powersuite improve the operation of my PC?

The Live Speed tools on offer in Powersuite are features that increase the productivity and responsiveness on your PC:

  • The ‘CPU Manager' speed tool balances CPU usage to ensure that your tasks get a good share of system resources and thereby improves the responsiveness of running applications;

  • The ‘Hard Disk Usage Manager’ evenly distributes hard disk usage to ensure a smoother PC experience. 

  • The 'Software Launch Booster' speed tool improves program launch time by boosting allocated resources, allowing programs to start up faster;

  • The 'Start Menu Software Accelerator' speed tool is a feature that improves the launch of software accessed through the Start Menu;

  • The 'Proactive Thumbnail Generator' speed tool combs through folders containing multimedia (photos, videos and other assorted media), where files are previewed through thumbnails. Thumbnail data is saved to disk in order to prevent regeneration of the same data every time the folder in question is accessed. 

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