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Downloading, installing and activating SystemTweaker

To use the program in full, you need to download, install and then activate your product.

To activate it, you need the serial number which starts with ST- and this is provided in the order confirmation email.

You can retrieve the System Tweaker download link, along with your order details from the following page :


Step 1: Downloading SystemTweaker

SystemTweaker can be downloaded through the link below:


Step 2: Activating SystemTweaker

To activate your program, locate the Order Confirmation Email sent to you after your purchase. Select (highlight) the SystemTweaker serial number (starts with ST-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and press Ctrl+C (to Copy). (1) Go back to the SystemTweaker program, and click Click here to paste the serial number into the box above, or press Ctrl + V to paste the serial number.

Then press the (2Next button to complete the activation process and unlock the full potential of the software.

Click (3) Done to use SystemTweaker.

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