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How can I increase my PC speed?

There are various ways which can help increase the PC speed.  Here are some of them:

  • Remove unwanted processes and programs from auto-starting every time with Windows and running in the background wasting resources. This will decrease the startup time and ensure more resources are available for the applications you need to use;
  • Do not install and run more than one internet security software which do the same things. Having multiple antivirus installed will dramatically decrease the PC speed as each file you access needs to be scanned multiple times by each antivirus software installed;
  • Keep the Windows registry lean and clean. The Windows registry is a large repository of settings belonging to Windows and most other installed applications. With time, as you install new software and remove older ones, it is common that the Windows registry becomes bloated with unnecessary entries.  The bigger the Windows registry is, the longer it will take for it to load with Windows startup. Removing unnecessary entries in the registry will help reduce start up time;
  • Ensure your software and device drivers are up to date.  From time to time Microsoft issue updates for Windows which may address both security and performance issues. Installing the latest available updates ensures that there are no performance bottlenecks due to older system files;
  • Defragment your hard disk. Keeping the files on your hard disk unfragmented will increase the speed at which your PC is able to load files.

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