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What are the benefits of the Smart Duplicates Finder?

Desktop computers and laptops make continuous use of files such as documents, images, music and video files coming in from different sources including the internet, emails and other user created files.  It often happens that users download identical files and save them to multiple locations, taking up valuable storage space on the hard-drives with duplicate content. Some applications may also create temporary auto-save files which due to several reasons may end up being permanent files, adding to the confusion.

The Smart Duplicates Finder is a feature available in Powersuite Pro. This feature uses the latest in cutting-edge hashing technology to detect files with content that is absolutely similar, irrespective of the actual file-name and location. Once the scan is completed, the Smart Duplicates Finder shows you the file names, sizes, locations, the date when each the file was created and the number of duplicate copies found, and allows you to delete the duplicate copies to gain more disk space.

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