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What is the Junk Cleaner?

The Junk Cleaner feature targets unneeded files which may have built up on your Mac over time. The following four different file types are scanned:


User Cache Files: Applications build up cache files so that they can load and work faster. However these caches may become outdated over time and cease to be useful. Machanic helps you to safely and easily remove these files. This frees up space and prompts applications to develop new caches and load faster.


User Log Files: The applications on your Mac keep log files on your activity. This can accumulate and take up a fair amount of disk space. Cleaning these files out can give back valuable disk space.


Language Files: Most users use applications only in one language, yet for each application on your Mac several language files may be installed. Removing these excess files safely with Machanic can help to free up disk space.


Trash Files: Machanic also cleans the contents of your Trash Can, including the Trash of specific applications.

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