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Once I purchase the product, how can I activate the full functionality of Machanic?

To unlock all the features that Machanic has to offer, you need to activate the application:


  • On the bottom left corner of the application screen, you will find a text-link that reads ‘Unlock Full Version’.
  • Once you click this link, an activation screen will pop up and will prompt you to insert your activation key.
    • Your activation key is included in the confirmation email sent to you directly after purchasing Machanic.
    • The confirmation email is sent to the email address that you provided when purchasing Machanic.
    • Once you locate the activation key, copy and paste it directly into the activation box before clicking the green ‘Activate Now’ button.



To enter the activation key


  1. Copy the activation key from the order confirmation email. To do this you can follow the following instructions:
  • Highlight the full activation key.
  • Right-click and select copy.
  1. Paste the activation key by clicking on the link saying 'Click here to paste the activation key into the box above.'
  2. Click on Activate now


Cannot find your activation key? Request it with your order details.


Check activation key format


If this does not work, please ensure that you are using the right activation key for your product. Activation keys are product specific and follow the format below, where X represents a number or letter.



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