There is a charge entitled 'STORE UNIBLUE' on my credit card. What is this?

The charge is related to a purchase or to a yearly subscription renewal of a Uniblue product.

To verify you may want to consult your order history. This is a record of all your purchases from Uniblue, detailing product serial numbers and download links.

To get your order history, please enter the email address you used during your purchase in the 'Get order history' box below. Upon receiving your request, we will send you a link to a page displaying your transaction details.
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If I do not recognize this charge or have a question about my purchase how can i get assistance?

Please contact Uniblue support by clicking the link below.
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About Uniblue

Uniblue creates simple but powerful tools to improve your computer's speed and stability. Our main products are MaxiDisk, SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner and Powersuite.

What is the one year product subscription?

All Uniblue products purchased through our website are subscription based. Throughout the term of the one-year subscription the user is entitled to receive product updates, expert support and to install the software on up to 3 PCs.
Read more about the benefits of renewing your annual subscription

How are orders of Uniblue products and services processed?

All transactions are handled by our online reseller cleverbridge through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. cleverbridge is situated in:
– Cologne, Germany
– Chicago, Illinois, United States

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