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What does Powersuite do?

The Problem:

Monitoring and maintaining your PC isn’t the easiest of technical tasks even for the most experienced users. Keeping your PC updated, optimized, and free from registry errors can seem like a lot of extra work if you try to tackle all these problems separately.

The Solution:

Equipped with a comprehensive performance solution like Powersuite, you will be surprised by just how effortless and straightforward PC maintenance can become. Powersuite can help to make your computer more efficient and pinpoint the best solutions for PC optimization.

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How will Powersuite improve my computer?

A whole range of tools and features are available to you when you use Powersuite, allowing you to manage and monitor your PC as simply as possible.

  • Optimize settings and resource management.
    Powersuite will tweak and manage your computer for extra speed. Activate the speed tools to power your PC’s efficiency.
  • Maintain your hard disk.
    Powersuite will clean up junk files and old backups, as well as compress large files to gain space.

What does Powersuite offer?

Designed to take comprehensive care of your PC’s performance, Powersuite will improve your PC’s performance by:

  • Identifying and removing issues causing slowdown;
  • Applying effective speed tools for a boost in speed;
  • Tweaking your settings for improved responsiveness;
  • Cleaning junk files, duplicates, and old backups to gain space.
  • Optimizing your hard disk for faster file access;

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What our customers say about Powersuite

I am now free of 249 Registry errors, 891 speed issues and 1 driver updated - to say that I am smiling would be an understatement.

Isabel Copeland-Eccles

I've been waiting for a Powersuite upgrade. I switched to another products but didn't like it very much.

Roger Bain

Powersuite helped my old computer carry on long after it should have been replaced.

Harry Taylor

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Powersuite resources

For help on how to get started with Powersuite, download our easy to read quick start guide with a helpful overview to guide you through the application.

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