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Uniblue PPC policy for affiliates & resellers

April 2013*

  1. Bidded Terms
    1. You may do the following in Your pay-per-click ("PPC") ads of the authorised Uniblue products (the “Products”):
      1. You may bid on Uniblue's trademarks and brand names (the “Uniblue Brands”), except for keywords including the trademark “Uniblue”.
      2. You may bid on generic terms.
      3. You may bid on the Uniblue Brands when combined with a generic term.

  2. Prohibited actions
    1. You shall not advertise the Products from a keyword phrase containing any of the following terms:
      • sex
      • trojan
      • crack
      • uninstall
      • key generator
      • virus
      • scam
      • mac

  3. Bid Amounts
    1. For terms referred to in section 1 (Bidded Terms), You may only bid to positions that are lower than those of Uniblue.

  4. Title and Text
    1. You may use any Uniblue Brand in the title and text to advertise any Products, provided that Uniblue may request you to cease such use in the event that it considers any such use to be unsuitable, at its absolute discretion, and You shall immediately comply with such request.
    2. You may not use any misspelling of any Uniblue Brand in the ad title or text.
    3. Your Advertisements shall not include "official site" or similar wording and You shall not make representations that Your advertisement is related to, or endorsed by, Uniblue in any way.

  5. Display URL
    1. You may use Uniblue Brands in the sub-directory of the display URL in Your advertisements. Example:
    2. You may not use Uniblue Brands in the sub domain of the display URL in Your advertisements. Example:
    3. You may not use the following domains for the display URL in Your advertisements, with or without the www.:

  6. Bidding Platforms
    1. In addition, if You engage in PPC on Google AdWords (or any substitute by Google), You must:
      1. use pages containing unique content;
      2. have Your own landing pages hosted on Your own servers; and
      3. abide by the Google Policies at all times.
    2. If You are bidding on any other search engine, You also need to ensure that You abide by the applicable search engine policy.
    3. You must ensure that You promptly adapt Your activities in accordance with any change in the applicable policy when it is announced by any search engine on which You are doing PPC.

  7. Authorized Countries
    1. Uniblue reserves the right to restrict the countries in which You bid or to impose restrictions in how You bid in certain countries.
    • Acceptable: advertisements displayed on Google Brazil that land on a page that quotes prices in Brazilian Real and accepts the Real as currency.
    • Unacceptable: advertisements on Google Australia that drive to a US-based page selling Uniblue products in US dollars.

  8. Exceptions
    1. Uniblue reserves the right to exclude any part or all of its PPC Policy for individual affiliates at its sole discretion.

*supersedes and replaces all previous versions

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