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Uniblue Powersuite 2013 is released with more benefits for users.

added on 18th July 2012

Powersuite 2013 is Uniblue’s complete PC performance solution that allows you to unleash your PC’s optimum performance by increasing processing speed and improving stability, whilst providing ongoing maintenance in an easy-to-use interface. This established product ensures that you benefit from a smooth-running operating system, an optimized hard disk alongside improved hardware functionality with the latest drivers.
Powersuite 2013 comes with a fresh new look that tells you, at a glance, the state of your PC’s overall health, as well as a range of customer-centric features and benefits such as three types of scans and a direct link to support.


Uniblue Powersuite 2013 will:

  • Find out what is slowing down your PC. With one click, start a full system scan to discover how to optimize your system and identify refinements that can be made, such as removing invalid registry entries, unused processes, junk files and outdated drivers;

  • Make your PC faster. Custom speed tools sharpen your PC speed by managing CPU resources, boosting software and thumbnail image launches and decreasing start menu launch times;

  • Clean up, gain space. Uniblue Powersuite 2013 cleans unnecessary items, such as junk files and old backups which take up space and can slow down a PC. You can also choose to compress large files to gain hard drive space;

  • Improve PC health and stability. Uniblue Powersuite 2013 deactivates unused processes and removes invalid registry entries for a cleaner, healthier PC whilst preventing slowdowns, crashes and freezes;

  • Ensure your disk runs smoothly. A disk analysis will help you find out which files can be defragmented and how much disk space isavailable. The software will organize your disk files to enhance file access speed;

  • Enhance your hardware efficiency. Every PC needs a fully-functional set of audio, video and other drivers to communicate with and control various hardware devices. Your drivers can be checked against a daily updated, tested and maintained driver information database supporting more than 88,600 drivers.

You can tailor the software to suit your needs, from choosing from one of the 13 available languages to resizing the app on the desktop for better readability. Powersuite 2013 reflects Uniblue’s commitment to your overall experience, with help and support now available from within the product interface itself.