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Powersuite 2013 Now Includes Smart Duplicates Finder

added on 27th September 2012

Powersuite 2013 is a full performance management solution from Uniblue offering expert care for PC monitoring and maintenance. The latest version adds Smart Duplicates Finder to the range of PC-performance tools available in Powersuite 2013, offering a better PC experience in one easy package.

The Problem

Managing files can be a messy affair. Desktop computers and laptops make continuous use of files such as documents, images, music and video files coming in from different sources including the internet, emails and files we create ourselves. It often happens that we download identical files and save to multiple locations, taking up valuable storage space on our hard-drives with duplicate content. Some of the applications we use may also create temporary auto-save files which due to several reasons may end up being permanent files, adding to the confusion.

Over time, the amount of duplicate content, spread over several directories with potentially different filenames can grow larger, making it complicated and difficult to find and delete them.

The Solution

The Smart Duplicates Finder is a new feature available in the new version of Powersuite Pro. Available from within the Disk Optimization tab, it adds to a growing list of optimization features that Powersuite is very well known for.

Why is it Smart?

The Smart Duplicates Finder uses the latest in cutting-edge hashing technology to detect files with content that is absolutely similar, irrespective of the actual file-name and location. This ensures peace of mind that unique files are not deleted whilst saving space.

How does it work?

From the Disk optimization Tab in Powersuite Pro, choose the Smart Duplicates Finder option found in the left-hand menu. Next, select the disk to scan. Drive C is usually the default drive with any other hard drives available in the drop down menu. Once the disk is selected, click Scan.

Once the scan is completed, the Smart Duplicates Finder shows you the file names, sizes, locations, the date when each the file was created and the number of duplicate copies found. As a safeguard, Smart Duplicates Finder only allows extra copies to be deleted, making sure at least one copy of each document is retained.
When files are selected for deletion, the approximate amount of disk space to be gained if they were to be removed, is displayed. Through the ignore list, the user can ask the application to ignore files that are found in specific locations paths or file which are smaller than a specific size, and can also click on the items in the result to preview the file before deleting.

Types of duplicate files our feature can identify:
  • Audio: 62 types including .mp3, .wma and .aac
  • Documents:
  • Word Processor: 27 types including .doc, .docx, .mobi and .pdf
  • Spreadsheet: 19 types including .xls and .xlsx
  • Presentation: 12 types including .ppt and .pptx
  • Desktop Publishing: 5 types
  • Pictures: 33 types including .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .tiff
  • Movie: 12 types including .mov and .wmv
  • Archive: 18 types including .zip