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News helps you solve the mystery that is the Windows registry

added on 8th October 2013

We’ve all heard how important it is to keep the registry clean, how not keeping it clean will eventually cause system instability and crashes, and how the health of your PC depends on it. It’s all well and good to adhere to this and make sure to run routine maintenance of the Windows registry. The problem is that a lot of PC users don’t know what a registry actually is.

In light of this, Uniblue has launched ...

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Uniblue products: giving ‘Windows compatible’ a whole new meaning

added on 21st September 2013

If you’re a Uniblue customer and are facing the imminent Windows® XP cut-off date, then you’ll be happy to know that all Uniblue products are compatible with any version of Windows – be it Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. When you make the eventual move to another operating system, take your Uniblue products on the journey with you.

If you’re upgrading your current PC to a newer OS then bear in mind that ...

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How to react to the end of Windows XP

added on 21st September 2013

Are you ready to move on from Windows® XP? Do you have a plan?

At this stage, users deciding to change operating systems have two options. You can either opt to buy a completely new PC and move your files there; or else upgrade the operating system on your present computer. There are pros and cons to either option, which we’ve tried to narrow down for you.

Buying a new PC and moving all your files there

Pros: New ...

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Photo optimization: How best to tweak and optimize your summer holiday photos

added on 21st August 2013

Summer means always being on the go, and this is likely with your camera in tow. Be it endless days at the beach, parties ending in the early hours of the morning, or long-awaited trips abroad, you’re bound to have lots of photos to share with your green-eyed friends by the end of the season.

For near-perfect holiday snaps it’s handy to know a few photo optimization tricks – after all there’s nothing worse than overexposure, or red ...

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The future of computers: what can we expect?

added on 21st August 2013

Years ago you would have forgiven people for believing that the typewriter was the end of the line as far as that invention goes. Considering how far we’ve come since the typewriter was created, it’s incredible to even imagine a computer beyond the ones we are used to now. Yet new technology keeps appearing, including features we would have once only expected to see or read about in science fiction. Whilst it’s hard to predict what’s ...

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Update of Uniblue's Affiliate Agreement & PPC Policy

added on 2nd April 2013

This is a short notice to inform our affiliates that section 4.1 of the Uniblue Affiliate Agreement as well as Uniblue's PPC Policy have been updated.  

Should you require any clarifications, kindly contact Uniblue on

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We answer your Frequently Asked Questions

added on 1st April 2013

In this article we take a closer look at some of the most common frequently asked questions and stumbling blocks our customers deal with, and aim to provide you with the required information to enjoy our range of products to their fullest extent.

Activating a Product

Uniblue products are offered with a combination of free scans and/or free fixes, giving you a clearer picture of what our products can accomplish. We offer this limited functionality trial, as we are ...

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Powersuite 2013 Now Includes Smart Duplicates Finder

added on 27th September 2012

Powersuite 2013 is a full performance management solution from Uniblue offering expert care for PC monitoring and maintenance. The latest version adds Smart Duplicates Finder to the range of PC-performance tools available in Powersuite 2013, offering a better PC experience in one easy package.

The Problem

Managing files can be a messy affair. Desktop computers and laptops make continuous use of files such as documents, images, music and video files coming in from different sources including the internet, emails and ...

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