Free Driver Scan

How many outdated drivers does your computer have?

Fast, quick and easy, DriverScanner boosts computer performance by scanning for, downloading and then installing updates for all your device drivers including:

  • Monitor, mouse, keyboard, CD/DVD
  • Sound & graphics cards
  • Motherboard & BIOS, USB, Modem & network adapters
  • Camera, printer, scanner & other 'plug and play' devices
What are drivers?

Drivers are snippets of software that are needed for your Windows operating system to communicate with each of the hardware devices that are connected to your computer.

Why should I update my drivers?

Like any software, drivers are upgraded and updated by the manufacturers, to remove bugs, add extra functionality to the hardware or to improve the performance of the device. Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face problems ranging from the relatively minor, such as having hardware that seems buggy and poorly performing, to the more major such as hardware failures, conflicts and complete system crashes.

What does DriverScanner do?

With so many drivers on your PC you can't check them all yourself, which is why DriverScanner, the innovative new product from Uniblue, is the perfect solution to your driver update problems. This useful application will search your PC for all installed drivers and then cross reference these against Uniblue's authoritative library of drivers. Where DriverScanner identifies outdated drivers it will then give you the tools to update your PC with the latest versions, so improving the performance and stability of your computer and its peripherals.

Release the full functionality of your PC now with DriverScanner.

A Microsoft Partner with a Gold competency

Recognized for best-in-class capabilities as an Independent Software Vendor

Uniblue is recognized by Microsoft as a leading Independent Software Vendor, holding the highest levels of competence and excellence in its sector. As a Microsoft Partner, Uniblue enjoys a close relationship with Microsoft that boosts our ability to provide top quality software solutions.

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How is a Gold competency achieved?

To achieve a Gold competency, Uniblue goes through extensive independent analysis that looks for, amongst other qualities, a high level of expertise, a successful track record, and top customer value. As an Independent Software Vendor, Uniblue gains an increase in customer value by showcasing first-rate capabilities that have been subject to a rigorous and auditable approval process.

Why choose software from a Microsoft Partner?

When it comes to servicing complex system elements, it pays to choose your software with care. As a Microsoft Partner with a Gold competency, Uniblue benefits from extensive resources available only to companies at the top of the ladder. Working closely with Microsoft gives Uniblue the best knowledge of Microsoft technologies, helping us create utility software that is effective and market leading.