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For over ten years Uniblue has been at the forefront of utility development, not simply creating tools for current demands, but always looking forward to the next set of challenges and solutions.

Even in an age when computers are used for just about everything, it can be tough to get great performance from your machine. This is why Uniblue’s top team of engineers and developers are constantly working on new utility solutions to help you get the best from your computer. Aside from providing great tools and features, each Uniblue product has been specifically designed to be powerful and efficient, yet easy to use for everyone.

At Uniblue, we are proud to say that we were amongst the first in our field to adopt hybrid programming, which provides the smoothest integration possible across multiple platforms. Our software designed for Microsoft® Windows® operating system is an avant-garde mix of Python®, along with HTML 5, Java™ Script and CSS; this seamless amalgamation presents our developers with the opportunity to create programs that are smarter and more versatile than ever before. Where OS X® is concerned, our development team based in Malta makes use of the agile and dynamic Objective C, the frontrunner programming language for many Apple® developers.

From the earliest stages of production, our team is geared towards providing the most user-friendly and innovative technology possible. The masterminds who set the scene for each new Uniblue product are our architects, whose vast knowledge of software and keen understanding of system capabilities keep them poised on the front line of technology. Once our architects have dreamt up a new tool or feature, it’s up to Uniblue’s team of developers to make that vision a reality and bring it to life on a computer screen.

Our software doesn’t just skim the surface of your computer issues, but delves deep into your system to find the best solutions possible. To do this securely, Uniblue’s software must first pass through a rigorous process of testing and evaluation that lasts weeks and examines an extensive multitude of user scenarios. Our QA testing team works hand-in-hand with the development team to iron out problems and create a smarter, more efficient program with every upgrade.

A powerful system tool will keep an expert user happy as long as it works, but our software is designed to be used by everyone, and that’s where our User Experience (UX) team comes into play. In the past, many software companies have been happy to ignore UX, but Uniblue knows that for the user to take full advantage of our utilities, clear, intuitive designs are essential.

The first ten years at Uniblue saw our software change and develop at a remarkable rate, but our job is far from over. As technology continues to grow in radical ways and further integrates the digital world into our everyday lives, Uniblue will strive to help our users master their systems as simply and effortlessly as possible.

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