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Here at Uniblue, our mission statement revolves around providing the best customer service possible; and this applies before, during, and after the purchase of any one of our products. Because of this, we constantly strive to make the full process as smooth and efficient as possible – we like to better our customers’ expectations, rather than just meet them.

This is why we invest a lot of time in finding the best partners suited to our business, in order to consolidate our service with their own areas of expertise. This ensures that we can offer our customers the ultimate service package.

Some of our select partners:

Microsoft®: Uniblue’s role as a trusted Microsoft business partner was cemented in 2010, when the company was awarded Gold Competency in Application Development. This reflects our ability to provide cutting-edge technology, technical expertise, and strategic thinking; all the while being able to serve our customers at the highest level.

Cleverbridge: Our partnership with Cleverbridge began in July 2008, and since then has proved invaluable to us. Cleverbridge’s expertise within the e-commerce market means that we get access to an exhaustive range of multi-channel e-business solutions tailored to suit our purposes.

Digital River: We started working with Digital River in November 2013. As a worldwide leader in e-commerce outsourcing, Digital River has added new global e-commerce capabilities to facilitate and support the sale and delivery of our products.

Parature: We started working with Parature in March 2014. As a leading expert in the customer care software industry, Parature has benefitted us enormously by providing us with innovative customer service solutions tailor-made to fit our – and our users’ - needs.