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Uniblue is dedicated to providing consumers with software solutions that are clean and safe. As part of that commitment, Uniblue is determined to support and engage with critical organizations like the CSA (Clean Software Alliance) that ensure sustainable, customer-friendly practices within the software distribution ecosystem.

More about the CSA

The CSA is a regulative body that enforces best practices by and among its members and the industry at large.

Comprised of anti-malware vendors (including Symantec, Avast, and McAfee) software distribution & monetization firms, and other major software platforms, guided by the tech giants Google and Microsoft, the CSA works across its constituents to codify and operationalize industry best practices through guidelines, policies, and technology tools that balance the software industry’s needs while preserving customer choice and customer control.

Uniblue and the CSA

As part of our membership, Uniblue has participated in a number of CSA events to keep up-to-date with industry-wide best practices that protect consumers. Having the CSA approval means that Uniblue has satisfied all the necessary prerequisites and comprehensive consumer-protection guidelines. This membership is a guarantee of assurance, that Uniblue distributes software solutions that are safe and trustworthy.